Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine and fresh air!

That about sums up my weekend. It was a BEAUTIFUL spring weekend here in Michigan and you could tell everyone had cabin fever and was ready to bust out into the sunshine. EVERYONE was outside -- walking, running, biking, playing. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and smiled and waved as you went by. Love it!

Saturday morning I got up early and went for a glorious run outside. Couple that with breaking in new shoes and it couldn't be better. Went about 3 1/2 miles. This building up gradually is so hard, but I keep myself grounded by knowing that this is the way I need to do it if I'm going to prevent another set back. Grrr... :)

Sunday, JP and I got out the bikes for the first time and went for a ride. We opted for the bike path instead of the trails. We knew the ground was going to be wet and muddy, and since we're not hard core mt. bikers, it would be better for everyone if we stayed on the path. We explored some new areas and went about 8 miles around a nearby lake.

It was a really nice weekend and I think the vitamin D did me some good. Much better mood and just feel refreshed. Looking forward to a run outside (hopefully) tonight and some weight training.

Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed some nice weather this weekend. :-)

Jess said...

Glad you're finally getting some spring up there!

George Houston said...

Glad somebody had good weather last weekend. It rained all weekend her in Georgia. But I can't complain we need the rain and it has been nice outside for weeks.