Monday, July 03, 2006

Dreading this afternoon

The office is closed today, so I enjoyed sleeping in a little and having a leisurely breakfast while watching the Today show (Nick Lachey was the summer concert today...).

I started watching the Tour but needed to go for my morning run. I decided to trade in fresh air for a TV, so I (gasp!) walked over to the clubhouse to run on the treadmill and continue to watch the Tour. I'm usually lazy and drive the little bit over to the clubhouse, so I was already ahead.

Ran my morning 3 miles (10:00 pace) and really wanted to do arms. I kept going back and forth, since I have my workout with Ricky tonight. He's always telling me not to worry about time or my workout, just go with what my body is telling me. Well, my body was telling me it wanted to lift weights so I did some light bi's and tri's.

Got back and jumped in the shower to prepare for my doctor's appointment. In other words, do a very complete job of shaving. It's kinda like getting ready for a big date. (Sigh!) No date, just a few more doctors poking, prodding and saying, "... so, we're going to have to do an exam today," as they pull out the good 'ol stirrups.

The purpose of today's appointment is to evaluate my physical therapy and decide next steps. I'd say it's a bust since she dumped me a month or two ago. Hopefully they will have some more options for me to try. I'm tired of fucking around and want to be agressive with my treatment (short of surgery though). That said, I'm going to walk in the door optimistic, yet realistic. I'm going to be confident in my doctor's, yet be confident in myself to take charge of my own medical health. Keep your finger's crossed!


MK said...

Hope your appointment goes well!

Unknown said...

I hope you get some good news.