Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A little perspective

We often run around, concerned about things that, frankly, in the grand scheme of things don't really matter much. I am as guilty of this as anyone. Come on, have you read some the stuff I blog about? :) Tonight, a friend called me and was telling me about her day - which included a (peaceful) protest of the recent bombings and to encourage UN support at the Israel-Lebanon border. She is Arab-American and her family is very involved with their community and her sister is a political activist. Some of her family lives in the war zone (Like, half a mile away. Think about how long it takes you to run that far.) and haven't been able to get out of the country. It made me realize how desensitized I have become to the images on TV. But, this is her family's back yard. It really made me stop and think.

Okay, back to my simple life...

Upped my medication last night and, whew, it knocked me out. Apparently we had a big storm last night. Never heard it. I slept through two alarms and, obviously, didn't get my morning run in today. I'm just lucky I made it to work. The morning also brought on some more side effects. My saving grace was my doctor's office finally called me back with an answer. (And, yes. It did take them exactly one week from my initial call) My doctor is out of town and another doctor reviewed my file and put me on a different type of medication. We'll see how this goes. I asked mouse to make sure I'm up (and have a strong pulse) tomorrow before she leaves for work.

Work was indeed loooooooong. Got to the office a little before 8am and didn't leave to come home until 8:30pm. That means, I got home after 9pm (at least the traffic was light), ate a light dinner, and didn't start my run until after 9:30pm.

Since it was dark outside, I did my pace run on the treadmill.
2 mile warm up -- 9:30
3 mile race pace+ -- 8:27
1 mile cool down -- 10:00

After talking with mouse for a little bit, I realized I needed to do a load of laundry since I was wearing my last clean sports bra. You know you have a running problem when your dirty running clothes clearly outweighs your other clothes. Didn't throw the load in until nearly midnght. And because I'm so OCD, I had to switch them into the dryer immediately. It does go against my will, but I may let them sit in the dryer until tomorrow. I usually have to fold them and put them away right away.

Oh, and... the boy called. I was in a meeting when he called, so it was a pleasant surprise when I listened to my messages. I didn't notice it so much the other night, but he has a great accent! He's Haitian (okay, okay, I will admit that when I learned this, all I could think about was the speech class scene in Clueless. Refer back to paragraph 1 of this entry) and has a beautiful French accent. What is it about accents that make women swoon?


SRR said...

1 week for them to call you back? Can I say ridculous! Good thing you didn't die!

Yeah on the run AND the boy calling you!

Radioactive Tori said...

Did you call him back? I hope the new medicine works out better for you!

Unknown said...

OMG...a week before they called you. That's horrible. I am glad that they switched your meds at least.

Did you call the guy back?

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