Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

I'm happy to report that the new medicine didn't kill me last night in my sleep (always a good thing, right?). Thanks to mouse for waking me up this morning though. Again, I slept through both alarms and missed my morning workout. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different story.

Another long day at work. Can I just tell you about how amazingly incompetent and completely stupid one of my clients is!?!?!?!?!?! And, she is one of those people that has to be in charge, even when she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing. Stupidity and the need to be in charge - not a good combo. Seriously though, I cannot stand stupid people. And, I don't mean people who aren't smart, it's the people that you just want to flick in the forehead and say, "did you just hear what came out of your mouth?" To sum it up, this Dilbert comic is up on my desk at work:

Workout with Ricky was tough. I was pretty tired and my legs felt weird. Not sure how to explain it, but they just didn't feel right. We did 8x about 180m repeats (average 27 seconds uphill and 18 seconds downhill) and then went inside to lift weights. Had I been feeling it today, I would have loved the workout. These type of workouts remind me that I'm really a sprinter at heart and I start thinking about the good ol' days when I ran the 100m and 400m in high school. My senior year I had a new coach and halfway through the season he had me run the 800m. What!?!?! That's two freaking laps! I didn't even know when I was allowed to cut in to the first lane. Strangly, I won the race and I ended up running it for the rest of the season. Good times.

Hello.... of course I called the boy back. I called tonight and ended up leaving a voicemail. So, we'll see if he calls me back. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Anonymous said...

wow gold opportunity!

Unknown said...

Wow...what a workout. I hope the guy calls you back.

MK said...

Fingers crossed!

Radioactive Tori said...

I hope he calls you back! I will be waiting for an update!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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