Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend snapshots

Not a lot of time to go into the details of one, crazy weekend so here are a few snapshots:

Attack of the kiler moths
My mom came up for lunch and we were going to just make it at my place, instead of going out. I opened up the pantry and... there were little moths EVERYWHERE!!! It was SO GROSS!!!!!! It turned out there was an UNOPENED bag of brown rice that must have had some eggs in it and they hatched. Ewwww.... I'm getting itchy just thinking about it. I was so grossed out, we had to go out for lunch because there was no freaking way I was eating in my kitche. I felt so dirty. Mouse and I ended up taking EVERYTHING out of the cupboard, cleaning it off or throwing it out, and wiping down the walls. Much screaming and "ewww-ing" went out for the duration of the weekend. It was like a freaking plague broke out in our pantry... I think we're being punished for something...

Buckets of Beer
Quotes of the night (mouse to sunshine)

"This is the best place EVER!"
(drunk screaming) "Look, look. It's just like the Sound of Music" (As she is pointing to small children dressed up in proper German attire"
"This is the best place EVER!"
"Oh no, I keep spilling beer on children!"

We also decided that no cups should be needed. Just give us a straw and we'll drink directly from our bucket. (oh wait, we did that...)

Oh, and the guys we met were 100% engineers. They were talking about a house party they were going to have and I yell out, "Am I invited!?!" Instead of asking for our phone number we get, "Well, we'd have to get a point of contact from someone in your group." Snore.

Check out mouse's blog for pictures of our leaning tower of empty buckets... :)

I, completely sober, drove home that night. About 1/2 mile from home, I get pulled over for speeding. I had no freaking idea what the speed limit was, we were sure he had seen us dancing while driving and was also freaking out because I did drink earlier in the night.

Officer: "Do you know how fast you were going?"
Sunshine: "No, I'm sorry I don't"
Officer: "Do you know the speed limit here?"
Sunshine: "No, I'm sorry I don't"

Officer: "Have you been drinking tonight?"
Sunshine: "Yes, sir. One earlier tonight." (I was thinking one bucket...)
Officer: "Do you know your alphabet?"
Sunshine: "Yes sir" (Oh no, now I'm starting to panic. I'm sober, but what if I forget a letter because I'm so nervous!!?!?!"
Officer: "I want you to say the alphabet starting with "C" and ending with "X"
Sunshine: "c-d-e...k-lmno..." (gasping for breath at the end) "I'm sorry sir, I'm just really nervous."
Officer: "That's okay. Take your time."

I successfully completed my ABCs and got off with a, "This is just a warning. I'm sure you drive these roads all the time. You girls drive safely."

Holy fuck - that's all I gotta say...

Dinner and a movie - had a really good time. My morning text message started, "Good morning, beautiful." (insert doopy smile here).


Unknown said...

As I told Mouse, I am SO glad that you did not get into too much trouble when you were pulled over. A warning is better than a ticket or...the unthinkable. It's okay to be nervous. It's better to be nervous and sober instead of nervous and intoxicated.

I am so glad that your date was going really good. He's starting to sound more and more sweeter - and gentleman.

Rebecca said...


i'm so envious, 13 miles!!! holy shit!

i ran an 8 miler today and have totally been under the weather since, my lower half just hurt.

i felt good running it, good weather, good mentality but after that my legs hurt, my feet hurt.

have you ever experienced anything like that?

ugh....i hope that the longer i do longer runs it'll stop because i was a grouch after my run!!!

what sort of new shoes did you get?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »