Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Option number two

The appointment went okay. Not really sure what I was hoping to come out of it - besides learning that they had suddenly come up with a magical cure. My next option is medication. I am not thrilled about it, but it's what I have to do. They've found that anti-depressions given in low dosage can help with chronic pain. The idea is for the medication to help calm down my over active nerves. Hopefully once that is established, I'll start physical therapy again. With the nerves calmer, my body may be able to tolerate it better. My body has to adjust to it, so it is given in very, very small dosage at first and then increase it in steps.

Possible side effects range from sleepiness (check), upset stomach (check), irritablity (more than usual?) and even breast enlargement (Sweet! Hopefully I'll be able to check that box!) If my body doesn't take to this, there are two other types that we'll try. They weren't sure how long I'll be on these because it ranges from person to person. They did tell me it is a possibility that it could be indefinitely. I told them that that is not an option. I refuse to be on them for the rest of my life.

After that, I insisted on knowing the full game plan. I told them that I've already been dealing with this for a year, and want to make sure they are on always thinking ahead. They kept talking about this stage and that it was going to take a few months until we know if it's working. I assured them I understood that and didn't mind waiting a few months to see if it was working, but I didn't want to wait until then to decide what to do next in the case it didn't work. Unfortunatley, there aren't many more options after this. Injections possibly, but it's difficult in my case because there isn't one known trigger point. That's mostly done with back pain, hip pain, etc. where they know the pain source. They don't know mine. Surgery is really the only other option, which they really don't want to do and I really don't want to go through. I'm not going to dwell on that now, but not going to ignore that as something that is possibly in my future.

The major down side to taking this medication is I can't drink! I still have three weddings and my girls weekend this summer. Not to mention, plenty of happy hours, football season is around the corner or random wine nights... Ricky was happy about this part of my treatment. He wasn't thrilled that I enjoy my alcohol. Hey, I'm not training for the Olympics here.

Speaking of training...
Yesterday, we did a series of explosion exercises, pyrometrics and 6 200m timed repeats. Not too strenuous, but a good workout. Another trainer, who used to work with Ricky, hung out with us and watched. During the pyrometrics, they were commenting on my muscular legs. I believe the quote was, "yeah, she's got some thighs." I chose to take that as a compliment and immediately thought of the Nike ad on my fridge that starts out, "I have thunder thighs and that is a compliment because they are strong"

Today I did 3 miles in the morning in the sweltering sun. I was planning on doing the Tortise and Hare 5k in Ann Arbor, but the medication knocked me out and I didn't hear my alarm. In fact, I slept through it for several hours. Tonight I had a great repeat workout, which I was actually dreading, but it ended up not being bad.

2 mile warm up
6 x 800m (9:00 pace) - 200m walk between
1 mile cool down

Anyway, I've been babbling long enough. Gotta get to bed since the morning workout is going to get here pretty early.

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Unknown said...

I hope the medication helps. In the meantime, RELAX and try meditation to calm your pain. I found that it helps for me.