Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hot July Night!

Tonight I waited until it "cooled" down to about 85*, so I got out the door a little after 8 pm. Still not feeling well, I was bound and determined to make it through the scheduled 6 miles.

According to my watch, it was a good one.
Mile 1 and 2 - 18:00
Mile 3 - 8:24
Mile 4 - 8:46
Mile 5 - 8:57
Mile 6 - 8:26

According to my body, not so much.
However, I am trying to be positive. So... if I can run these splits in the freaking hot and humid weather while I'm not feeling well, just think how I could do when I'm on top of my game.

Oh, here's a side note. Towards the end of my run, I swore I could smell watermelon. I'm pretty sure it was all in my imagination, but then I started craving it. Mmmmmm ~ cold watermelon after a hot, sweaty run. Yum!

I didn't want to talk health today, but here's an update on the doctor front. I talked to the nurse today and she was going to talk to my doctor and call me back with his recommendation. She never called back. So, they'll be getting another phone call from me tomorrow morning. I'm sorry, but if a patient is having difficulty with a medication shouldn't that be a priority? I don't think this is my case, but people can become very ill from taking the wrong medication. My mom was once on a medication that reacted with another medication she was taking and her doctor didn't want to do anything. It literally almost killed her. Anyway, that's the latest and greatest.


Unknown said...

Watermelon sounds good...with LOTS of water naturally. Yummmm! Great job on the run and getting yourself out there. I hope you get some answers tommorow.

Perry said...

I love watermelon. I even like to eat the seeds just like a good mammal should.

Just Your Average Joggler

Anonymous said...

You are going to have the whole blogging world craving watermelon! Good luck on getting some answers about your meds!

SRR said...

Great splits!

Sometimes doctors can be so aggravating!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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