Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally! Chinese Laundry Boots = Runners calves

After work I ran to DSW to find some shoes for my cousin's wedding, which is Saturday. (Which I should be packing for right now since I'm leaving tomorrow morning.) Got some really cute heels that look perfect with the dress... that I got yesterday.

Then, in the distance I saw them. Boots! Now, I know it's July and I love sandal season, but boot season is so exciting. I've never been able to get the high boots because, well frankly, designers don't keep runners calf muscles in mind while making them. I know I'm not alone when I say how sad it has always been to try on countless kinds, (even the "stretch" ones) only to find you can only zip them up half way.

Wistfully thinking maybe this year would be different, I sat down and began trying them on. One by one. One "stretch" pair fit, but they weren't that nice looking and were poorly made. Then. I found them. A beautiful pair of black boots that gently zipped over my muscular calves. Triumph!!! So, even though it's July I have some sweet ass boots patiently waiting in my closet until it's time!

Yep, those are running shoes in that picture, too. My morning run sucked. It hurt too much and I only could last for 1/2 mile. Since I was up, I jumped on the bike and got in about 5 1/2 miles. Frustrating? Yes. But, I had to remind myself that I was up and working out twice a day. Last year at this time I could barely walk. Tonight's run was much better - 6 miles at 10:00 pace. I didn't want to push it too much tonight because of this morning. Although it was a bit slower than I would have liked, it felt nice and relaxed. What more can you ask for?

So, heading up north for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Looking forward to some new scenery for my long run. Traverse City is so beautiful so I'm sure it'll be a great run. Not really looking forward to the actual wedding though. I love her because she's my cousin (we were close growing up), but don't really like who she became as an adult. Not too fond of the guy either. My mom and I were planning on just drinking a lot, but I'm on these meds now. When I told her this she said, "Hmmmm. Well maybe you should just skip it on Saturday." Is my mom awesome or what.


Unknown said...

ROFL!!! Sounds like it's going to be a VERY interesting wedding story come after Saturday.

Good job on the run today!

MK said...

Those boots are AWESOME! :)

Rebecca said...


those boots are HOT!

hope you have fun in Traverse!!!

SRR said...

Great boots! I feel your pain on the calf issue. Why do designers do that?! Have fun at the wedding! I wanna hear a bouquet story when you return, please!

Radioactive Tori said...

Your mom seems pretty cool! I hope the wedding was fun. I have one pair of boots that actually fits my calves. I found them years ago, and even though they are sort of cheap looking, they fit me so I will keep on wearing them! My husband's cousins just opened an accessories/shoe store botique kind of place...I should ask them to keep an eye out for some new ones that are wider in the calf for me.

Totally unrelated...where is your pain that you have? I have a very strange pain that I have been having in my side area (hard to explain I guess) since they took out my ovary in February. Just wondering if it was related to that somehow and maybe that is how I can explain mine.

sunshine said...

I have a c-section cut and most of the pain is on the ends. Generally, I get the stabbing pains on the ends and a prickling/burning pain in the center. They think I have nerve damage and believe everything inside is okay. However, I have trigger points everywhere in between the bottom of my rib cage to mid-thigh, so they really aren't sure what's going on.

Can you describe it? I've used words like: stabbing, burning, sharp prickel, dull ache, heavy feeling. As I'm sure you know, doctors like the, "On a scale of 1-10..."

Is the pain your having under your rib cage by chance? If so, I have some more to share about that.