Thursday, July 20, 2006

Status report

While I was out running, the boy called and left a message. By this point it's getting almost humorous, since we went onto day 3 of phone tag. I called him back, expecting his voicemail, and was obviously surprised when he answered. Feeling like a complete jackass, I told him that I was planning on leaving a message and was caught off guard when he picked up. We ended up talking for an hour and a half - no awkward silencs or lack of things to say either. He asked what I was doing this weekend, but I already had plans for Saturday. So, he said he'd call me tomorrow. He seems like such a nice guy and authentically a good person. And... he irons! I'm thinking this could be a good thing. :)

Did a six mile run tonight and it was okay. Usually my Thursday night runs tend to be faster, but I wasn't feeling well and decided to make it a nice, easy run. Ended up just a tad bit under 56 minutes, but my splits, which weren't bad, we not at all consistent. Now, I consider my pain tolerance to be quite high and tend to run through (smart or not? still up for debate) pretty intense pain. That said, about a 1 1/2 minutes into mile 5 I absolutely had to stop. The stabbing pain increased around mile 2, but got to unbareable by the 5th mile and I could not go on any longer. After a bit, I started to think that if the intensity didn't let up soon, I was going to have to think about going to the ER. Thankfully, it did subside a little and I finished up the run. It's unfortunate I wasn't feeling the best, because it was a good night for a run. The day was hot and humid, but it was a cool night air and would have been very enjoyable.

Well, it's late (mouse and I always have something to talk about) and morning is going to come early. But.... it's Friday. TGIF!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a really nice guy. **crossing fingers** for you. Nice run. I hope you feel better.

SRR said...

I hope things work out for ya' ...on the boy front that is!

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