Sunday, July 16, 2006

We Got Called Trouble... Again

Last night was the first mouse and I had a night on the town this summer. Yes, it is mid-July but we're busy girls (or prefer going to bed early because of this silly thing called running.) A friend of mine has wanted to set me up with a friend of hers for months, so a group of us went to the bar. I convinced mouse to go - even though neither of us were really up for it.

Another friend of mine came to our place so we could go together. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! She was complaining and obsessing about EVERYTHING. I thought mouse was going to have a throw down because she was annoying her so badly.

We were having fun, but it was so freaking hot out that it wasn't so enjoyable dancing. Mouse and I were have a good time and the guy I was there to meet and his friend looked at us and said, "well, those two are trouble." Mouse and I looked at each other, high-fived and busted out laughing. I told them that wasn't the first time we've been told that. Hahahahahaha - we're back!

The guy was such a nice guy, pretty cute and , oh by the way, drove us to get our car in his BWM. Not that I'm (completely) superficial, but it was a nice car! :) We talked about going out sometimes, so we'll see. It was nice being out and I'm glad I sucked it up and went. Maybe my dry spell of dating will come to an end, too.

Oh, yeah. Running. I'm doing a new plan that every other long run I run with two shorter runs in one day. Not sure how this is going to play out, but we'll see. Since I woke up late, I decided not to unnecessarily cause heat stroke and ran inside.

7 miles - didn't feel that great
Mile 1 - 8:45
(brief pause to vomit)
Mile 2 - 9:00
(brief pause to vomit)
Mile 3-7 - 10:00

4 hours later...

6 miles - much better!
Mile 1-6 - 9:30

Has anyone heard of such a plan? Or tried it? The worst part about it is running once, but not having that great feeling that your run is done for the day. Coming in as a close second, is having to take more showers in one day. I think I ended up taking four yesterday. (The fourth was after coming home from the bar. I'm weird and cannot go to bed dirty and smelly!)


Rebecca said...

so wait your running 3 times in a day?

one long run followed by 2 shorter runs in a day?

so say, 12 miles is your long run, followed by two 3 milers?

wow...heavy...that's awesome if your doing that..

i hate the whole showering thing...1 shower takes long enough but more than one...sometimes we just have too huh :)

i'm following the plan from the non runners guide to marathons. 4 runs a week, 2 short, 1 long and 1 medium.

SRR said...

You poor thing!

sunshine said...

No, just two shorter runs to make up my long run. This week it was a 7 and a 6 miler. Next week is a straight 13 miles.

I'm not THAT awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

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