Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Text books are flipping expensive!!!!!!

Today I registered for my first class as I begin the (long) trek to get my MBA. It starts tomorrow. I'm obviously still a bit scatterbrained (hey, I forgot to register okay. people forget things...), so I'm not too sure if I'm ready to do this. I went to the bookstore tonight after work to buy my books. Of course, there weren't any used books left and there isn't enough time to buy it online. I haven't been out of school that long, but I had forgotten how much text books cost. Seriously. One, soft covered book cost me $118!!! Oh, but after I signed my receipt and handed the pen back to the cashier, she goes, "Oh, no. You can keep it. Everyone gets a free pen." Right. This black ink pen (I hate black ink. Can only write with fine tip blue. I know, I'm weird.) more than makes up for the outrageous price of this hunk of paper that you're only going to give me $20 back. Thanks. This "Principles of Microeconomics" better be a good one! :)

Since I didn't leave the office until 7:30pm and I had to go to the bookstore, my run was on the treadmill tonight. A 6-mile pace run, which went by quickly. It's a shame all runs (including the outdoor runs) can't have Sex and the City playing. It went as follows:

2 mile warm up - 9:13 pace (why do treadmills have such odd settings?)
3 mile pace+ - 8:54 pace
1 mile cool down - 9:13 pace

About halfway into it, everyone had left the workout room. Since it was getting late and I didn't think anyone else was going to come in, I took off my shirt and was running in my sports bra and shorts. This guy came in shortly afterwards, but there was no way I was putting on my disgustingly sopping wet shirt back on. Sorry dude. The run felt good, which I need. Lately I've been feeling like I'm just not ready for this marathon. I need to get my head back into the game and quit worrying about how I am going to do. I never should have put a time goal down for my first marathon back. Oh well, it's set now and I still have some time. If I feel like this in another month, I will have to reconsider my goals. For now, I have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Unknown said...

What you spent on book was NOTHING compared to what I spent my 1st semester working toward my Bachelor's degree - $385 on 4 books.

As for your marathon training, hang in there. You will do great!