Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ugh. I am so not ready for Monday!

Why do the weekends go by so quickly? Here, I'm just getting started and it's nearly over. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do for a living. But, I'm just getting a little burnt out and am ready for a vacation. My work load is so heavy right now though, I can't afford to take one. Life in general should slow down after Detroit. I'll be done with class, I'll be done with my race and work should be slowing down a tiny bit. I've always been careful to not wish time away, but I am sure looking forward to Oct. 30!

Let's see... running. Thursday, I had a very good (read: he kicked my ass) workout with Ricky. We did lots of core, weights and a sprint workout (about 2 miles worth). Work that day was exhausting, so it was tough before we even started. But, I got through it and felt better afterwards. I love how a really hard workout always makes me feel so good. It's such a feeling of accomplishment.

Friday, I fully enjoyed my half day vacation and got lots of things done. I opted to do my long run that afternoon since Saturday was booked solid (and, I just wanted to sleep in one Saturday, damn it.) The 12-miles wasn't bad, but I was still tired from my sprinting workout the day before. My watc started freaking out, so I'm not sure of my splits. I was well under 2 hours though, so I'm content.

Yesterday, a friend of mine got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and a really fun reception. My friends loved JP and kept telling me how glad they were that I had found him. They could tell how happy he makes me. I had a sweet little black dress and it's a good thing I got so many compliments -- it made up for the 2 FREAKING hours I struggled taping up my boobs. Seriously, why I thought it was a good idea to get such a plunging neckline is beyond me. And, I don't even have any pictures. After the missing camera at the last wedding, I was afraid to take mine. Oh well, guess we'll just have to go somewhere else where we can dress up.

This morning I did a nice, easy 5-miler. I was getting some really sharp pains in my abdomen earlier today, but the run was okay. I'm really looking forward to getting those injections! Today's agenda: study, study, study. And then early to bed. I didn't get near enough sleep this week and it really caught up to me.

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Unknown said...

It must feel so awesome to get a lot of compliments about JP. I would not enjoy the same tapework that you did. Owwww!

I hope you feel better after getting some much needed sleep.