Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did you see me on TV?

I have lots to share, but I'm so tired and really could do without being on the computer.

We had a good weekend. Everyone's response at work on Monday was, "it was such a good sports weekend." We had the Michigan/Michigan State game, Detroit Lions blew Denver out of the water, and the Piston's won their home opener.

Saturday, we spent a majority of the day at my parents so JP could help them with their computer. We watched part of the Michigan/Michigan State game, then hurried up so we could watch the rest at home. It was a long day, but we still went out to our friend's bar for a drink that night. We just needed to get out of the house. JP had to celebrate his school winning the cross-state rivalery game.

Sunday, we watched part of the Lion's game and then got ready for the Piston's game. We had THE MOST AMAZING TICKETS EVER!!!! Did you see me on TV? Because our seats were 4th room on the floor, about 5 seats right of center court. I have never been that close!!!! I was so excited and loved every minute of it. I was so close, I could hear what they were saying on the court, could see everything and sometimes the ref was in my way!!!! :) JP took so great pictures, but they're on his camera. We won by 1 point, so it was a great game to have those kickass seats!!!!!!

Back to reality now, and this week is going to be a hectic one. Heck, I just sent my last email of the day and it's almost 10 p.m. I'm flying out to LA for the auto show on Sunday, so there's a lot to get done between now and then. At least it'll be warmer there -- it's threatening snow here in the "D"... :)

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