Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random thoughts from LA

Have a little down time right now. Since I've been in LA:

1. Had a $60 cab ride to my hotel. Apparently this is normal.

2. I saw a taping of CSI: NY. Look out for a future episode with (I'm guessing) a body in a dumpster. Didn't recognize the actors, but hey, I saw an episode being filmed.

3. Almost got into an accident. Caddy vs. Suburban. I was merely a passenger, but it was my driver's fault.

4. I love how eco-friendly (most) everything is in LA. Resturants are all organic, recycled materials are the norm, etc. (Okay, minus the above mentioned Caddy and Suburban.)

5. I had the opportunity to sit outside for a few minutes of fresh air. It's high 70's, sunny and beautiful. I love it and, to my surprise, could totally see myself living here.

6. Starbucks has the holiday-themed drinks and cups, but it's so strange to me. How can you possible think of Christmas (= snow in my mind) when there are palm trees everywhere?

Well, better get back to work... it's only 2:15 p.m. here...


David said...

I haven't been out that way in quite a while; not that I every really checked things out on my own terms. I could imagine it being that way, and also hypocritially pretentious (recycled cup for the latte sitting in the Suburban's cup holder, etc).

Travel safe!

Unknown said...

Have fun!

Mendy said...

LA. A neat and strange place all at once. I think it's cool out there, but don't know if I could live in such a city like LA. Probably, caus I'm thinking of the $$$$$ - quite pricey.

Hope you had a nice weekend!