Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Night: Sitting in the airport

Hard to believe it's Sunday night already. The weekend went by way to fast!

Friday night, I worked longer than expected. JP landed right at 5 p.m. (he now claims the only way to fly is corporate jet). We were scrambling a little bit to get to the Palace for the 8 p.m. tip-off. In fact, we were a little late. The game was a total blow out, but it was still fun. We went with one of my college roommates and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, on the way home, I got pulled over about 1/4 mile from my house. Apparently I was going 45 mph through "town" where it is posted at 30 mph. I was so tired and the cop was kinda a jerk. He told me he didn't know why I was in such a hurry. I'm thinking, well it's 12:30 a.m., I've worked a ton this week and I'm ready to go to bed. He gave me a ticket for 5 mph over but I won't get points on my record. Okay. As if my city (the richest county in the state) need my money... grrr... not a good way to end the night.

Yesterday, I finally went to the gym! It had been so long!!!! It felt good to get all my frustrations from the week out. It also made me really miss working out and hopefully I'll make more of an effort to get there more often. There were these little, annoying high school girls in the room where they have classes. Apparently, they were practicing their dance line or something. First of all, put some clothes on. Second of all, you're not Brittany Spears. You're dancing at a football game. No need for the pouty lips and sexy dancing. Seriously. Not having a daughter! :)

Right now, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my hour-delayed plane. I'm heading to LA tonight. I'll be there for the LA Auto Show, and will get back Thursday morning. I thought about heading to the bar for a drink, but I think I'd fall asleep and miss my flight. Instead, opted for a coffee. One thing I'll enjoy for sure is the warm weather. It's getting too cold in Michigan and I'm not ready for the cold. :)

Keep your fingers crossed this plane gets here soon so I can get on my way.


Neese said...

happy flying! :)

Mendy said...

Have a safe trip! I so need to get back into the gym and do weight training.

Sucks you got a ticket. Glad you got no points.