Friday, November 09, 2007

Falling in love all over again

Picking up where I last left off...

I finally left the office on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Tired and praying that I had hot water, an hour long commute later I was home. Thankfully, JP removed the battery from my smoke detector so the incessant beeping had stopped and I had hot water. What more can a girl ask for?

The next morning, however, no hot water. Ugh. Treked over to JP's to get ready for work. Good thing we live so close to each other.

While that sounds horrible, it was still the best morning ever. Why? Because I fell in love with JP all over again. No, really. You see, I'm super anal about a clean bathroom. Since I've been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to clean it this week and it was really, really bothering me. Before I went to bed, I thought about cleaning at least the sink but I was too tired and didn't have the energy to even reach for the sponge, let alone clean with it. When I got up in the morning I walked into the bathroom and ... it was clean!!! JP came over to check on everything after I went to bed and he cleaned my bathroom for me! Is he the best boyfriend ever or what.

Last night I left the office around 7 p.m. after a very hectic day. I had a really late lunch (3 p.m.) so I wasn't too hungry for dinner. We both needed to eat, but nothing sounded good. And... we didn't want to leave the house. JP finally decided he would cook some ramen noodles (hi, are we in college again) so we'd at least have something in our belly. (Again, best boyfriend ever. I'm too tired so he volunteers to make food.) He went to boil water and ... the gas stove top wouldn't light. Apparently the pilot light went out, but we couldn't find it and we were both, frankly, not that interested in working to hard in looking for it. Ended up getting some Middle Eastern take-out (mmm... hummus...) and calling it a night.

We couldn't help but laugh. Between the two of us we have an apartment... I don't have hot water and he doesn't have a functioning stove. Geez.

I AM getting out of here at a reasonable time tonight because we have tickets to the Piston's game tonight. Yay! Well, better get back to work so I can get out of here. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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