Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Since I'm officially training for a race, my dedication level has risen immensely.

Sunday morning, I got up early so I could head to the gym before a packed day. Ran a nice 3 miles to stretch out my legs and enjoyed some good stretching. (The day was then filled with breakfast with JP's family, doing a few errands and then heading to my parent's house for my dad's birthday party.)

Last night, I met up with one of my old college roommates for dinner. We tried out this relatively new place. I think it would be a good, low-key, happy hour meeting place, but not really for dinner. It was a good place for young professionals to kick back, loosen up the tie and have a pomagrante martini (Have I mentioned this is my new fav?). The lobster mac and cheese was good, but nearly what I was expecting after reading all the rave reviews.

Afterwards, I trucked it to the gym and got in a really good weight session in. I haven't hit the weights in a LOOOONG time, so I took it slow and easy so I wouldn't be so sore I wouldn't be able to reach up and wash my hair in the morning. It felt so good!

Tonight is 4 miles and it's going to have to be in the gym. We got a lot of snow last night and it's still coming down!

Oh, and Tori... this is for you. I tapped into my domestic side and baked some banana bread on Friday night...


Mendy said...

Wow! That looks yummy!

So cool your focused and dedicated on your new workout/running goals!

Unknown said...

Nice job!! The banana bread looks yummy!

Radioactive Tori said...

Banana bread! Yum!