Monday, May 22, 2006

danger and trouble

hahahahahahaha - mouse and I have created a blog to let the world in on all of the random happenings that occur when the two of us are together. Since we've known each other since grade school, if we go home we often bump into people that know both of us. The conversation generally goes something like this:

"How is everything? What are you doing now?"

"Oh, I'm great. I live in Novi. With (insert the other's name here)."

Insert look of simultaneous amusement and horror

"We have lots of fun."

"I bet you do..."


Workout with Joe today was good. We started with legs:

3 sets:
Leg presses (16)
Walking lunghes with the bar (?lbs.)

Leg extentions (16)
Lunges - back foot on the bosu (20) 1x
Lunges - front foot on the bosu (20) 1x
Lunges - each foot on a bosu (20) 1x

Hamstring curls (16)
Squats - each foot on a bosu while extending a 5 lbs. medicine ball (20)

15 minutes on the bike with a series of arm exercises (15 lbs. medicine ball extensions, bicep curls w/ 5 lbs. weights, etc.) Ranged in degrees of resistence. Kicked my butt!

3 sets:
High knees on the trampoline (90 second)
Stairs (3)
Wow! This was really hard going from one surface to the next. My legs felt like dead weight!

3 sets:
Chest press (16)
Push ups - no knees (10)
High knees (60 seconds)

3 sets:
Shoulders (12)
Jumping jacks (60 seconds)

3 sets:
Pull ups (12)
Dips (12)

1 set:
Biceps w/ the bar (?lbs.)
- 10 half way up
- 10 half way down
- 10 full bicep curls

Good workout and the cardio in the middle of the workout really kicked my butt. That's the second session we've done this and it's totally blown me out. Hey, whatever it takes. Right? I need to just keep telling myself that. It is always worth it.

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