Saturday, May 06, 2006

Three minutes...

... yep, three mintues was the grand total of rest time during my workout session today. After a brief warm up we started with legs.

3 sets:
Leg extensions (20)
Squats on the bosu (20)
Toe taps on the bosu (60 seconds)

3 sets:
Hamstring curls (20)
Lunges with 24 lbs. dumbbells in each hand (20 each leg)
Side to side on the bosu (60 seconds)

2 sets:
Leg presses (20)

Then we went into the weight room to do arms which totally intimidated me. Joe kinda laughed at me but then realized I was completely serious. He's pretty patient and does a good job of showing me proper form and explaining what muscles that particular exercise will target. I felt much better. Weight rooms are very intimidating when you don't know how to (properly) use the equipment!

3 sets:
Bench press - 50 lbs. (20) -- I felt kinda silly since the bar itself is 45 lbs., but hey, I was doing it!
Dips (20)

3 sets:
Bicep curls - machine (20)
Tricep kickbacks - machine (20)
Bicep curls - 8 lbs. free weighs (20)

Then we went upstairs on the track to do some cardio. It was pretty tough for the end of the workout...

2 sets:
2 laps - 30 seconds/lap
High knees
Butt kicks
2 laps - 30 seconds/lap

2 sets:
Row machine - 2 minutes
2 laps - 40 seconds/lap

Last lap - all out sprint. I came in just under 30 seconds. It was a pretty tough workout, but a good one.

So, for those of you that read mouse's blog. No, I did not go out. I chose not to go out because I knew I needed to be fully rested for my workout. It would've been much more fun to go out with the supposed "hot" doctors than go to bed early, but I'm spending money on a personal trainer so I better make good use of it. Look at me, I'm so mature and responsible! :) But, don't worry. I did celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a few Corona's after work!

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