Monday, May 01, 2006

You learn something new everyday

Today's PT session was interesting. Found yet another thing wrong... Anyway, sometimes she uses interferential therapy (electric stimulus) in case it is nerve damage. In the past, she's basically divided my abdomen into four quadrants and put the four sticky tabs on accordingly. Since the damage is more extensive than originally realized, today she put two tabs near the incision and two tabs... on my ass. After she put one on each cheek, I kinda laughed and asked why she was putting them there. Aparently, there is a major nerve that begins near your butt and, if this is the root of the problem, she wants to see how the nerve reacts to the stimulus. Yep, so today I had electric shocks going through my ass. No one can say I didn't do everything possible to get better! :)

The rest of the day was painful (Scale 1-10: 6 constant pain, 7 stabbing pains on both sides) so my workout tonight was pretty light. I did 45 minutes on the elipitical, lots of push ups on the bosu and some ab work with the stability ball.

Watching Game 4 and the Piston's aren't playing very well. After Saturday's embarassing loss (not because we lost, but because of how much we lost by) I was certain we were going to easily take this one. Gotta love the Playoffs.

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