Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh no! I'm the freak of the office!

Well, you can only hide it for so long. Today, two people from our New York office came in for a visit. They wanted to get a better feel for the Detroit office, who we are and what we do. So, during lunch we went around and explained our past accounts, current accounts and any personal hobbies/interests. (They are in charge of our corporate PR, so they were looking for unique story angles.) Everyone is pretty straightforward with their answers. Then it's my turn. Keep in mind, I prefer for everyone to think of me as the quiet, completely innocent girl who is always 100% professional. A few people know a weird random fact or two about me, but I've always kept it so one person doesn't know a too many of the weird things I do. Yeah. So that changed today.

So, I was going through what I was doing and my accounts have a much broader range than everyone else. I went from emissions standards to cowboys. Everyone was laughing about it but I didn't really find this funny. Story of my life though. Whenever I try to be funny, no one laughs. But people laugh when I'm not trying to be funny. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I was telling them about my personal interests. I'm a car girl and own a classic car. Everyone in the room did the head nod like, "Hmm, cool." Then I said I run marathons. Everyone in the room again did the head nod like, "Wow, that's really cool." We went off on a tangent for a bit about the races I've done and if I needed to do a quick flash of my passport while crossing into Canada during the Detroit Marathon. I was pretty much done. No harm done thus far.

Then someone mentioned that I love Ben & Jerry's. I couldn't help it, I got way excited! I told them I was slightly obsessed with B&J and could tell you anything about the company. Everyone in the room laughed and thought, "that's funny but she's kinda weird." Of course, they asked for an example. I told them that back in the day, and supposedly it still goes on, that the candy in the ice cream is not broken by a machine. Instead, they go up a foot ladder and drop the box of candy to the ground where it then breaks into different sized pieces. Everyone in the room looked at me like I was crazy obsessed.

Then someone said that I was also the useless knowledge queen. Everyone looked at me, wondering what was going to come out of my mouth. I gave them two: 1) If you are ever being attacked by a shark, try to flip it over onto its back. Shark's pass out when they are on their back. 2) Zebras stripes are not symetrical from one side to the other. It is this way so when a lion is chasing them (yes, I did the chasing movement with my arms - I was totally into it...) it gets confused as to which direction the zebras are actually going. One of the NY girls (who didn't dress nearly as stylishly as I expected) asked what types of books/magazines I read to gain all of my useless knowledge. I sheepishly said, "Well... I was on medical leave for a couple of months and there isn't much on TV. Oh, and I was pretty heavily medicated" The room exploded in laughter. They wrote down, "Has a drug problem." One of the guys commented on how random my interests are and that I must be the most interesting person in the office. My comment: "Yeah, I'm the freak of the office." It just kinda popped out. I think they all are a little closer to seeing the true me. (And I didn't even mention my guilty pleasure of the TV show 'Miami Ink" of that I don't speak Asian.)

Anyway, onto my workout. Since I have to go to a stupid wedding shower on Saturday (I'm convinced that having to go to showers is the worst thing about being a woman), I had to reschedule my training session for tonight. It was a really good workout.

We focused on arms, and did so many things I can't really recall the exact workout. We did all machines, lots of push ups on the bosu and running stairs with a 20 lbs. medicine ball. At the end we did some speed work on the track. He said I'm definitely getting stronger. I prefer to think of it as I'm getting ripped.

Well, my work load nearly doubled this week at work and I've got stuff to do yet tonight. Uggh, I just remembered I have to pack too. I HATE PACKING!!!! Unfortunately, there's no one around to help me procrastinate.


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I concur. Showers are generally very boring.

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