Monday, May 15, 2006

"Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays"

Today was not the best day ever. No one thing made it especially bad, but all in all, it was just one of those shitty Mondays.

Last night I didn't sleep well, so getting up was difficult. I got out of bed late and since I haven't done laundry in a long time I didn't have much to choose from. The pants that were clean don't fit well and I didn't have many tops to match those particular pants. Ended up finding a skirt that looked okay but because of my wardrobe problem, I left a little behind schedule. Traffic sucked. The detour to avoid the construction that was causing the sucky traffic sucked. I had to call PT to cancel because I was already late, no where near Royal Oak and the session is only an hour. Traffic continued to suck. Had a mini-nervous breakdown in the office parking lot. Left my umbrella in the office on Friday and it was pouring out.

Went to the gym after work (really, really not wanting to but knew I should) and did an hour on the eliptical. Oh yeah, and I forgot to pack my hair clips, my watch, a towel, my waterbottle and my (cute, little) iPod. I'm lucky I remembered to put my shoes in my bag.

Got home and found my roommate also had a shitty day. While watching (an incredibly annoying and stupid) Grey's Anatomy we comiserated by drinking wine. And the Piston's lost another game to Cleveland.

So, I probably should have just gone right back to bed this morning. I mean, when you start quoting Office Space you know the day is a goner. But... tomorrow's another day.


MplsJu said...

You thought GA was annoying? I was so glad Izzie quit - although it would have been better if she'd been outright fired. Stupid girl.

sunshine said...

Agreed! I would have much more enjoyed watching her ass get fired than her quiting.

Oh wait... REAL doctors don't do that type of thing. Just ask mouse. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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