Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I *heart* abs

This morning my physical therapist and I called it quits. She doesn't know what's wrong and I'm not getting any better. She said that the door is always open and believes my doctor will send me back to her. Right. You haven't done much in the last few months, but I'll keep coming anyway.

Sucked ass today during my workout with Joe. Well, cardio sucked and, with a strange twist, my upper body workout wasn't that bad. Yea! I am getting stronger. The best part of the workout (I'm so embarassed to say this. I'm such a girl!) was when one of the trainers, who is doing a competition this weekend, came by while I was on the bike (and lifting weights at the same time... uggh) to talk to Joe. (Let's pretend he came over to see me instead though. After all, I am SO cute!) He lifted his shirt to show his abs and Joe goes, "Hey, do you think he's ready for his competition?" Okay, first of all I am a total abs girl. Second of all, this guys were freaking incredible!!! I think I was able to get out a "mmmhmmm" without drooling. I did manage to concentrate on not dropping the weights.

I LOVE a guy with great abs!!!

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