Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today I learned about blogging...

This afternoon I went to a professional luncheon to "network." (Really, I just wanted a free lunch. However, the food sucked and I had to go to my back up lunch when I got back to the office which I wisely packed just in case.) Anyway, the topic was on blogging and how blogs can positively affect communications. Ed Garsten, who is a former journalist, was the speaker and talked about running DCX's blog. It is only geared only towards journalists, which is a different approach from GM's FastLane blog, which I am more familiar with. Most of the info wasn't new to me, but it was interesting nonetheless.

It was so hard going back to the office after being outside in the gorgerous sunny weather! Tonight I had a hair appointment, which ran late, so I had to go to the gym tonight to workout. I ran four miles (9:00 pace), worked abs and lots of push ups. I've had this little stich under my ribs on the right side for nearly two weeks now. It bothered me while running tonight and stretching it doesn't seem to work. No idea what it is, but it's not going away. I am trying to not let it freak me out!

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mikster said...

Spring has finally arrived so a lot of people are blogging a little less now.