Thursday, May 04, 2006

No, I didn't get to meet Tony Snow...

Several months ago I signed up for the sessions I wanted to attend for a state conference in my profession. I immediately signed up for today's lunch session because a) free lunch - what' s not to like about that and b) Tony Snow was set to be the keynote speaker. Ironically, the session was titled something to the affect of, "Why the media and the President can't get along."

The morning it was announced he had accepted the job to be President Bush's new press secretary, two thoughts ran through my head. The first really excited me. Maybe I would have the opportunity to hear the press secretary speak (yep, it's confirmed. I am a big nerd.) The second, and more realistic, thought was that they weren't going to be able to book anyone good on such short notice. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to get MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell.

She is very well spoken and has a very impressive resume - she's travelled to every continent except for Antartica with either Clinton, Bush or Rummy. She gave some good insight into the life of the Washington D.C. Press Corp, the upcoming elections (2006 and 2008) and how important they are and what possible changes could result from it, and her thoughts on how key Washington communicators impact politics (Bush/Kerry campaign, Senator Clinton's run for re-election and possible run for President, Bush's approval rating and the overall approval rating of the Republican party). All in all, it was a very fascinating session!

Now for my running... Yesterday I went on a trail run with mouse and I really enjoyed it. While I almost biffed a few times, I'm happy to report I didn't end up eating dirt. The trails had lots of bikers, but it wasn't too bad (except for the man on the cell phone). I did find out why people run with cameras though. We were tromping down a path when we saw a bike standing unattended. Then a man came through the brush, and he didn't really fit the typical "cyclist" image, with a 40 oz can of Bud Light in hand. Classic.

Today I was still hurting from yesterday's PT session. I didn't sleep well last night either because the pain kept waking me up. (Scale 1-10: 7 sharp pains on the left and on my left leg. Anyway, I did a slow 4 miles with my (cute, little) iPod. Noticed my abs were a little sore - must be because they were working overtime so I didn't fall on my face out on the trails. I can't say the run itself was super enjoyable, but the warm and sunny weather was nice!

And, of course the Piston's. We kicked ass yesterday and ended the Buck's season. We'll possibly know tomorrow who will be the next round - Cleveland or Washington. After much emailing back and forth (I simply cannot allow my self to start IMing), mouse and I decided to forgo the opportunity to get tickets for Round 2, Game 1. We both thought we'd rather get tickets for Game 4 or 5 (if necessary) or miss Round 2 completely and spend a little more for Round 3 or THE FINALS!!!!! All together, "Deeeetroooit Baaaasketbaaaaal!"


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MplsJu said...

1. So is "your profession" a news anchor? Because that's what I understood Tony Snow did prior to his gig at the WH. :)
2. Are you going to give your roommate a new nickname a la "the roommate"? Or is Mouse going to start refering to you by your new nickname?

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