Friday, June 30, 2006

I love cars!

It bodes well for me that I am a car girl since I live and work in the Detroit area. Today, I joined one of my GM clients to their all-employee meeting out at the GM proving grounds. I was super excited, because we were going to have the opportunity to drive a bunch of different vehicles on the test track. Now, I've done this before and LOVED it! There is nothing like a bunch of cars sitting there, just waiting to be whipped around curves, taken up and down hills and really letting you see what they can do. Today was no exception. It is a beautiful Friday and after the business portion of the day, we were set loose to have fun.

This big 'ol truck was my feat of the day. Everyone was laughing when I had to jump in and out of it... I'm only 5' tall. Besides a fun day of driving lots of great vehicles (sporty little convertibles to the H2 SUT to the medium duty trucks like this one), it was a good learning opportunity for me to really understand the products I work with on a daily basis.

I was also excited to go today because the proving grounds is only five miles from my house. I got to sleep in, watch the Today show and didn't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. What a treat. I really need to live closer to the office...

As for running... today is technically a rest day, but since I didn't run last night I may go out on a short run later this evening. Since I'm working out in the morning too, I'm not going to worry about missing a short run. Either way, I'm going to be over my scheduled miles. Plus, running should be fun and if I'm hurting the entire time then that defeats the purpose of running for enjoyment.

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