Monday, June 12, 2006

Running with a slight injury

The weekend was great, but went by too quickly!

Saturday I did a 9 mile trail run and did okay. Some of the sandy hills kicked my butt and I remembered why trail running is so much harder than a nice easy run through the park. After the run I hurried up and got home so I could get down to Monroe for Amber and Ryan's wedding. It was beautiful! The reception was down in Toledo, so we got a room at the hotel so we wouldn't have to worry about driving anywhere. I haven't been drinking as much lately, so the glasses of wine (that mysteriously kept refilling themselves) really hit me. Oh well, all the moms and dads have seen me toasted before so I'm not that concerned about it any more. Sunday was a family dinner at my parents and a little bit of time hanging out with my brother. I was so tired though, so came back home pretty early.

Today was a busy and hectic day. No news on the possible relocation, but a couple of people are going out to New York tomorrow. I assume it's to figure out what is going on and what we're going to do about it. So... we'll see.

Started out with a good workout with Ricky, but my right hip was really bothering me. It's been sore for a few days, but everytime I put weight on my right side it was actually a little painful. We did some weights (legs) and were upstairs doing interval when he stopped me because he could tell something was off. So, it was sitting in hot water tonight to loosen up my hamstrings and ice on the back part of my hip. I asked if it was even my hip and he replied that it's actually my pelvic bone. Of course. Why wouldn't it be. :) Next session will be some weight training using my body weight and next Monday will be a pool workout. I've never had any problems with it before, but he thought it might be because we've been pretty aggressive after taking such a long break. Hopefully this will feel better soon! I admitted that I am not good about stretching. I think that's going to have to change!

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