Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two blah runs

Started off the morning by actually getting up for my morning workout. I so am not a morning person! I did my 20 minutes (I intended to do more, but since I haven't done two-a-days for a few weeks, I thought I had better stick with 2 miles - 10:00 pace.) Plus, my brain and body weren't really functioning anyway. Finished up with an ab workout.

Since my day started a little earlier, I was ahead of schedule and got into the office around 7:30 am. For better or worse, I got pulled into a big pitch and my day was totally rearranged. After working a 13+ hour day, I headed to the gym. (I had to miss my golf lesson tonight, too.)

I was set to do 5 miles, but perhaps it was just me today overall because I felt exactly how I did this morning. Blahhhh... Plus, my hip was bothering me quite a bit. I got in three and some sets of push ups and another ab workout. I decided that I'd rather go light at the begining of my training, rather than continue to push an injury and screw up my whole training plan. Wow, I'm getting to be such a mature runner. :)

Oh, that remindes me. I joined the Running Blog Family yesterday... I may not feel like a real runner again, but I figured I signed up for my marathon and said fuck it and joined the group.

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