Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously. I always remind myself to never wish time away. But, is this week freaking over yet?

My intention was to get up and run this morning. However, I got out of bed, went into my bathroom, turned off my alarm clock (I need 2 - one next to my bed and one in the bathroom so I have to get out of bed), and went right back to bed. Thankfully I hit snooze instead of turning it off, because I have no memory to getting out of bed. Guess my body was telling me it hadn't recoverd from the previous workout.

Great news this morning in the office! We found out we won the new business account that has been consuming part of my life the last two weeks. This is HUGE for us and I'm really excited. My plate is pretty full, but I hope to become heavily involved in the account. My afternoon was mostly taken up with a lunch with a Wall Street Journal reporter. We had met in the past, but it was great to sit down and talk with him and get to know him a bit better. And... he's a fellow marathoner! He confirmed that the worst part about Detroit is after the run you have to climb the stairs of Ford Field to get out. Great. Really looking forward to that.

Most of us left the office early to head to a nearby resturant/bar for a baby shower. Then, we changed and headed to our second golf lesson. Today we learned the complete, full swing. I noticed an improvement and still really enjoy it. I was pretty stressed at work today, and it did help me relax. I passed on drinks afterwards (I know, I know. What's golf without beer? I did have one at the baby shower. I just realized how ghetto that sounds), so I figured that was enough pre-running drinking. Went out for an "easy" four mile run (9:30 pace). I was still pretty tired, but it felt okay. I kept getting stabbing pains on both sides, but continued to run. Stupidity or stubborness - perhaps they are one in the same. Anyway, looking forward to rest day tomorrow. I realized last Friday I got up and ran in the morning, so it's been awhile since I've taken a day off. Perhaps that would be the reason I'm so freaking tired.

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