Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rain, rain, go away...

Last night, the storm woke me up in the middle of the night. I could hear the rain pounding down and the only thought that went through my head was, "I'm so wearing jeans to the office tomorrow." And I went right back to sleep. Everyone was a little cranky today, and it had to have been due to the weather. (Well that and it was one of the girls last day before her wedding... she has slowly been turing into a bridezilla this week and making everyone around her turn into a pissy mood too.) It was so dark outside and the office was cold again. Since it was the first day of summer (and I was given the responsibility of "building morale" in the office) I had the freezer stocked with ice cream treats. It raised the spirits a little bit, but I think they would've been more satisfied with a stocked bar instead.

Work is going well, although getting to be a bit wearing. I had my review this week and it went better than expected. My supervisor is recommending I receive the highest raise I can and that I receive a promotion in October. I guess we only give promotions in July and October, and I have a few boxes to check off yet before I'm ready. I didn't have the opportunity to get these yet-to-accomplish goals in my previous assignment and I've only been at the agency for a little over three months, so I was a little surprised by this. But, definitely ready to further my career.

My workout with Ricky today was a good one. Lots of different leg exercises, most of which I had never done before. One of the other trainers even came over to observe. He's one I probably wouldn't want for myself, but seems like a good guy. Between sets he kept asking me if my quads were buring yet or if I was, "really feeling it yet." My legs were still pretty fresh, so I kept saying, "no, not yet." I was trying to be nice and didn't want to sound cocky, but after awhile I wanted to yell at him, "NO! Please stop asking me if I'm ready to fall down yet!" We finsihed up with about a mile of intervals. The track and my hanstrings don't get along well, and since it was raining outside, we hit the treadmill. Ever 30 seconds the incline or speed changed.

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MplsJu said...

Wow! Congrats on the raise! You're going to be a superstar within your company by 30 at this rate!!