Friday, June 09, 2006

Lots on my mind

What a long week. I've been in a pretty snarky mood this week and I''m not exactly sure why. Today was pretty stressful, too, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I did practice putting in a few rousing rounds of "office golf" though, so that helped break up some of the tension I was feeling.

The day started out a bit unusal - I was offered a chance to relocate for a short-term assignment. The assignment isn't a definite thing yet, but they wanted to gauge my interest. Lots to think about... (don't worry mouse, you wouldn't have to pay my half of the rent). We don't have all of the details yet so I can't make a decision, but there are pros and cons to think about...

When I got home, I was so looking forward to sitting on my butt and doing nothing. But, with everything on my mind, I thought about going out for a run. After taking in some carbs (via a Blue Light), I decided to go out for a few easy miles (4 miles, 9:10 pace). I didn't straighten out anything more, but it did help clear my head a bit. I was pleasantly surprised that I turned to running to think things through.

Looking forward to a 10 mile trail run tomorrow morning and a friend's wedding. There is a group of us that always seem to be the ones having the most fun... :) I'm going to go into it with the plan of not drinking too much. No promises though.

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