Sunday, June 04, 2006

On the outside, looking in

This morning I went to watch mouse, mo and suz run the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon. All three ladies kicked some serious ass! It was a little weird for me though, being a spectator. When I got up this morning I thought, "Hmmm... what does one wear to a race where they are not running?" Also, popped two Alleve to see if it would help take the edge off the pain (it's been pretty bad this weekend) instead of in anticipation of sore muscles. It was a little weird and a little difficult (okay, really sucked, but I tried not to feel sorry for myself) to be watching on the sidelines instead of being out there with everyone else. I was at the seven mile mark to cheer on the girls, and it was kinda cool to actually see the leaders of the pack FLY through. And, so many runners yelled out a, "thanks for being out here for us" that it actually made me a little teary eyed. I've been a runner for so long, perhaps today was my chance to start giving back and support and cheer everyone else on. In any case, I did participate in the post-race nap. Not sure why I was so tired, but after we got home I was ready for a mid-day nap.

Although the rest was nice, it did put me behind schedule for the day. After doing a few loads of laundry and finishing up a project for work, I headed over to a nearby driving range to practice my swing. I always kinda laughed at it because Novi is a nice area, but this driving range isn't much to look at. So, it's perfect for beginners like me. I realized that even though I may feel like a jackass, no one is really watching me. While no one may be looking at me, I was on the lookout for cute guys. Sadly, no sightings. Which, is really the reason why I'm taking up golf... :)

Afterwards, I went for a quick four mile run (9:08 pace). All weekend, and during my run, I had severe stabbing pains on my right side. The problem is, I'm not sure where that line is of being strong and pushing through and being smart and stopping. Where the line between something in your head and something that is really physically wrong? If it hurts when I'm sitting, am I doing harm to my body if it hurts while I'm running? Tonight, all it did was make me go faster. I'm so fucking sick of pain.

Oh, and my latest ultrasound came back normal. I figured it would, but I was glad to have the results since my doctor was out of the office for two weeks and my results were sitting in a pile. I called the doctor's office a few times to see if it had been looked at yet, and each time they sighed and said no. Surprisingly, they called me once the doctor had looked at it. Do you remember that Seinfield episode where Elaine looked in her chart and saw that it said she was, "difficult"? I'm pretty sure my charts says, "crazy-girl-that-compulsively-calls-the-office-because-she-thinks-something-is-wrong-with-her-but-we-think-she-is-just-a-complete-whack-job." Pretty sure.

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