Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting stronger

Today's workout kicked my butt - it was a really good workout! The other trainers around were all showing/explaining what each exercise I was doing to their clients. I felt a little silly at first, but then I thought, "hey, they all want to look like me." :)

3 sets:
Squats (16)
Step ups with 15 lbs. in each hand (20)

3 sets:
Leg extenstions (16)

Cardio on the bike - about 7 minutes with various resistence
Arms with the medicine ball and bicep curls with 10 lbs. in each hand

3 sets:
Stairs (5, 3, 2)
Mountain climbers on the bosu (30 seconds)
High knees on the bosu (30 seconds)

3 sets:
Hamstring curls - (16,14, 12)
Leg presses (1oo lbs - 16x, 120 lbs - 14x, 134 lbs - 12)

Stairs (2)

3 sets:
Inclined chest presses (14)
Plyometric push ups - no knees (10)
Diamond push ups - no knees (10)

3 sets:
Seated rows (14)
? (14)

1 lap - 30 seconds
Row machine - 60 seconds
3 laps - 90 seconds
Row machine - 60 seconds
1 lap each - high knees, butt kicks
1 lap - 45 seconds

I got there about 15 minutes early (which never happens) thinking that if I got there early, I would get out earlier and wouldn't miss as much of the Piston's game. While we were waiting for the stretching table Joe and I started talking about the series and all of a sudden he goes, "That's why you got here early tonight." He knows me too well.

We're playing well tonight and with great energy! Go Pistons!

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