Saturday, May 06, 2006


In reponse to mplsuj:

1. I choose to think of my profession as "friend of the media." Besides, we all know that there really wouldn't be any news if it weren't for me! :)

A few weeks ago I met my friend J's new girlfriend, who is in journalism. She was going on and on about how easy of a job PR is and that it must be soooooo nice that we get into the office at 9 am, take an hour lunch, and leave at 5 pm while those poor journalists are crunching away at their computers around the clock. This was the first time I met the girl. THIS IS NOT A GOOD WAY TO WIN OVER YOUR BOYFRIEND'S FRIENDS.

However, being the savvy professional that I am, I smiled sweetly at her and responded with, "Journalists and PR professionals always think the other has it better. But, we really do need each other to do our jobs well." She didn't shut up. Meanwhile, an ex was sitting nearby and was laughing at my "typical PR answer" and commented that, "I was really good at my job." Note to everyone that thinks PR is a way to "spin" news so much that it distorts the truth: THIS IS NOT TRUE! Yes, I want my clients to get positive news coverage. However, my job is very strategic and, contrary to popular belief, not everyone can do it. Okay... I admit I get a bit annoyed when people who don't really understand my job pretend to.

2. Yeah, it gets a big confusing when I want to reference my roommate. Since I'm stealing all of her online friends, I can't refer to her as "theroommate" because then they would all think I'm talking about myself in the third person. Which, is just weird. Calling her mouse is strange because I never call her that. Hmmm... what about SSDP? No, I think her dad my flip out. Besides, I don't want everyone thinking I'm the boy. Guess I'll need to think of something.


MplsJu said...

So journalism is the hardest career, huh? Tell that to your former rocket scientist roommate! :)

There's a stong dislike between some groups ofMDs and some groups of PhDs, too. (Mostly PhDs hating on MDs, not gonna lie.) Maybe it's because I know people planning on being MDs but I don't hate MDs (most of the time). And I really think medicine needs both - so I appreciate your "PR" answer.

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