Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My new trainer

Today I worked out with my new trainer for the first time. (Long story short, Bally's corporate office told my trainer he can't train anymore because he's the manager of the club. Boo.) Ricky is a former pro soccer player and university track coach. He's from the Caribbean and freaking hilarious.

Our session was a lot of talking so he could get a sense of my background, my goals, etc. He also watched me run so he could see what he had to work with and also see where I needed to improve. The session wasn't physically hard, but it was a good workout and I think I'm going to enjoy working out with him.

1/2 mile warm up outside

3x - Leg press (135 lbs, 125 lbs, 115 lbs)
3x - Sat on the wall with one leg up
3x - Glutes

3x - Lateral arm raises (machine)
3x - Seated rows
3x - Lat pull downs

2x - Dips
2x - Wall push ups (one leg up)

Sprinting outside
Cool down

He wants me to start doing 2-a-days, two to three times a week. Uggh, I am so not a morning exerciser. Hopefully once I get used to it, it'll be easier. Thankfully I'm not downtown anymore otherwise there is no way I could do it unless I was running at 4am. So, we'll see how tomorrow morning goes.


MplsJu said...

Oh my god, two-a-days? For what, getting ready for football season? Good lord, that sounds so not fun....and with that, good luck! :)

sunshine said...

I know! I'm going to be as big as a linebacker! :)