Tuesday, June 13, 2006


... I guess I'll have to visit since I won't be moving there for any amount of time (in the near term anyway.) I was told today the decision was that no one from our office will be filling the position. I was actually much more disappointed than I anticipated, which was a surprise. Oh well, lots of other great opportunities out there that are just waiting for me to take!

Two other girls in the office are starting to become interested in running, so we went after work. We jogged for a little bit, but ended up walking most of the time. This didn't bother me so much since my hip was hurting me more than yesterday. Seriously, what is going on!?!?! I can't have both my front and my back hurting!

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MK said...

Glad you found my blog. I love reading yours. Impressed with your running and motivation. Will stay tuned in. :)